Monday, June 28, 2004

The first At War With Self CD, Torn Between Dimensions, was mixed June 3-6, 2004, by Vic Stevens at Giant Steps Recording. Vic is not only a great drummer (McGill, Manring, Stevens), but an excellent engineer as well. Somehow Vic was able to separate out all the instruments and have them create a wall of sound where the individual instruments have their own 'niche'. This was no easy task, as some of the songs have as many as four acoustic guitar/mandolin parts playing simultaneously over the top of Michael Manring's expressive bass parts, piano, synths, two or three heavy guitars, and Mark Zonder's intricate drum parts. Next up is the mastering and artwork. The expected release time-frame is January 2005.

I've had a number of inquiries into the original Reflections demo and how people can get a copy. The demo from 1994 had 3 songs, one of which was re-done for the upcoming CD. When I listen back to the Reflections demo, it does represent what I do stylistically to an extent. However, the ideas weren't fully realized when that demo was recorded and mixed (use of a drum machine and little studio time were the main limitations). Because I've received so many inquiries into this, I've decided to post the demo version of the song Reflections again on this site. Click here for MP3 download.

I want to also thank the people who have contacted me, it's great to hear from people around the world who are interested in what I do!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well, it's been over four months since an update, so this one will be quite lengthy. A short version follows - I've also written down some thoughts on how this project has evolved over it's recent time frame, and the events and situations that influenced how this project became a reality.

To summarize the status of Torn Between Dimensions, Mark is finished with his drum tracks, I'm putting finishing touches on guitar/mandolin and keys, and Michael is hard at work on his bass parts. Final mix-down is certainly close, and discussions are in place as to the location and engineer.

I am going to avoid discussing what the music sounds similar or dissimilar to. I will say that the way I envisioned this CD's impact on the listener is akin to an emotional sledgehammer, and I think my aim has been true. I have played rough tracks for a few close fiends and the reaction I've gotten is one of exhaustion, not unlike the feeling after watching an engaging movie with difficult subject matter. The emotions behind the compositions run the gamut from elation to rage, and everything in between. Sometimes the emotions are expressed musically in a linear fashion, and sometimes all are present at once. It is my hope that the listener makes this as personal a listening experience as possible, and that they are able to relate to, struggle with and conquer their own war with self.