Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanks to a very generous fan who chooses to remain anonymous, the site has been redesigned! I've updated most of the information within the pages. Under the Results page, past and current projects have been broken out separately. This is to emphasize that in the future, everything I do may not be associated with the name "At War With Self". For example, I just finished recording mandolin and guitar parts for James Vonbuelow, a guitarist that will be releasing a CD later this year. A solo CD is something that I'm considering for the future as well.

Also under the results section, I've posted the MP3s for the entire Reflections demo. I've received a lot of inquiries on this so I figured I'd post them. More info behind the demo and some history behind the different projects I've been involved with can be found in the updated Biography section.

Progress on the next At War With Self CD, Acts of God, is coming along nicely. The release date will be sometime the first half of this year. Damon Trotta and I are still working out the details for mixing, mastering, artwork and manufacture. Additional guest musicians are yet to be determined. At this point we're focusing on getting the compositions completed, and other musicians will be brought in soon after. The preview MP3s for some of the songs, and a tentative track listing, can be found on the Results page.

I've added a few more reviews that have recently been done, for Torn Between Dimensions.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to send an e-mail, it's great hearing from you! Thanks for your support.

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