Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some new reviews for the disc have been added below, as well as on the Reviews page. Babyblaue-seiten, a German progressive rock web site, has voted Acts of God pick of the month for July. We also have obtained distribution for the disc through, a German distributor. If there are any other distributors interested in carrying the disc, please contact the label directly at Thanks to all the radio shows, magazines and fans who've listened to the disc and shared their comments and thoughts on it - and most of all, to the people who have supported us by purchasing the disc! We appreciate it!!!

I recently did an interview for a show called Soundscapes on the Dividing Line Network, a progressive rock internet radio station. Some of the details on the conceptualization and realization of Acts of God, as well as the project in general, will be featured. It will be airing Tuesday, July 17 from 6-9 PM EST, so check it out if you can! Thanks to Woody Harris, the host who asked some very different and interesting questions - check out his myspace page for more info on Woody and the show.

An interview was also done on Randy Allar's weekly fusion show in Cleveland for WCSB this past Friday. An MP3 version will be posted shortly on this site. Thanks to Randy for the lengthy interview and for playing tracks off Torn Between Dimensions and Acts of God!

WCSB has some links on their site for people to become active in the fight to keep small internet radio shows like these alive and well. These links are also posted below. Please visit these sites to find out more about what government here in the U.S. is trying to do to make it financially impossible for these stations to continue what they do. To be able to listen to independent artists who have no other way to have their music broadcast on the radio than through these shows, please contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators, and fight to keep this kind of programming alive and well.

Webcaster's Day of Silence
WCSB will participate in the Webcaster's Day of Silence, Tuesday, June 26th, 2007. For more information, visit the links below, and PLEASE contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators. Ask them to support the Internet Radio Equality Act. Thank you for your support.

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