Saturday, August 18, 2007

Acts of God has been listed as one of the discs "Spinning in the Editors' heads this month" in Guitar Player magazine's September issue!!! Click here to see the reviews with new additions from July and August.

I recently joined the myspace community as well - please visit and send a friend request. It's been great to hear from other bands and check out some great music...Sluggo's Goon Music, the label for Acts of God with the sole mission to create music with no boundaries, also has a site - so please check them out !

Damon Trotta is busy getting ready for the release of Von Garcia and DaveCorps, two projects on the Sluggo's Goon Music label. Vehicle, Damon's funk band, is also on the label.

Von Garcia is James VonBuelow's project, a guitartist and co-writer of some tunes on Acts of God. The disc features jazz guitarist Ben Monder, as well as Mark Sunshine, Steve Decker and Damon Trotta (musicians on Acts of God). An alternate version of Ursa Minor from Acts of God is on the disc. I contributed guitar and mandolin parts to a few of the tunes.

Dave Corps is an experimental jazz/rock trio - no way to easily describe, so go and listen to some samples!!! Check out some samples of Von Garcia, Dave Corps, and Vehicle at their myspace sites, and over at

I'm working on some new material with Manfred Dikkers, one of the drummers on Acts of God. More updates on this to follow soon...

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