Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Projects in the Queue

Once again, a much delayed post. But, I do have news on some projects coming up. First will be my take on Marco Minnemann's Normalizer project. I thought this was a really interesting idea, when I first heard of various musicians composing their own music over Marco's 51 minute drum solo he had recorded in one take. I was busy working on the surround mix for Torn Between Dimensions, and started writing to the first couple of minutes of the solo, just to take a break from re-visiting the first AWWS disc over (and over). Two years later, I've managed to compose to the whole thing - it has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding way to write new music! I'll be finishing tracking over the next couple of months, and hope to be finished early next year with it. For more info, check out Marco's Normalizer page.

The 5.1 Torn Between Dimensions mix will still happen - but the Normalizer project has become my primary focus for now.

I also have the next At War With Self project ideas lined up, and have started writing for that. Manfred Dikkers (AWWS - Acts of God and A Familiar Path) and Alex Arellano (Power of Omens, The Fractured Dimension) will both be on the drums. Without giving too much away, I can say it will be much more focused on polyrhythms and odd time signatures than the past three discs, for sure. I'm really excited to work with Manfred and Alex on the next AWWS disc. There will likely be other guest musicians as well.

I also just finished recording some guitar and mandolin parts for multi-instrumentalist Hassan Iqbal, whose project will have quite a line-up. Check out the info on his Facebook site!

I think that's it for now - thanks for reading! More to come in a few months...


  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to all but particularly the 5.1. Do you have a format in mind? Blu-Ray DVD-A or SACD?

    1. Thanks Michael! It would be DTS, and possibly (but not for certain) Blu-Ray. It'd be cost-prohibitive for me to self-release a DVD-A or SACD (even though I do love both formats).